Ava Javid

School Success Manager

School Success Manager Ava is a former educator who is passionate about training teachers to be effective practitioners in the classroom. After earning her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA in 2009, Ava moved to New York City, where she earned her first master’s degree in Science Education from Columbia University. Ava subsequently worked as an IB Biology teacher in Brooklyn and a high school science teacher in Redwood City.

As a Math for America Master Teacher Fellow, Ava has researched the Flipped Classroom Model to understand its benefits for underrepresented students in advanced classes. At her schools, she has supported fellow teachers in implementing EdTech solutions to promote equity and academic success for all students, with an emphasis on argumentation in the context of scientific investigation. In addition to joining ThinkCERCA as a New York-based School Success Manager, Ava is also pursuing her second master’s degree from Columbia University, in Education of Teachers in Science.

What are your hobbies outside the classroom? Live music shows, good cups of coffee and fresh pastries, and traveling to new places. (Next on the list? Iceland!)

Where is your favorite place to travel? I love to travel to Rome and when I’m there, I live as the Romans do! Lots of pasta, gelato, and great coffee.

Which condiment is the best condiment? Ranch Dressing (for dipping French fries and any fried foods). This must be a result of my California upbringing because I get strange looks when I ask for it in NYC restaurants…