Jeff Kruse

Educator Onboarding Manager

Jeff has a history as an education and literacy advocate in different corners of the globe. Before working at ThinkCERCA, he worked with elementary school and middle school students and adult English language learners through America Reads and the local public library system in Brooklyn, New York (while also attending New York University). He spent three years based in Shanghai and Beijing, China where he received¬†master’s degrees in Economics and Chinese Philosophy. While in China¬†he worked as a teacher in municipal private schools across all grade levels and as a consultant for English curricula development. He has always loved working in education and continues to strive to build the best learning tools for students everywhere.

What is Your Favorite Place to Travel? Yunnan Province, China, with its beautiful rice patty terraces above the clouds.

What was Your Best Halloween Costume? Tom Sawyer.

What would be on your ideal sandwich? Duck breast, blueberry barbecue sauce, and grilled onions.