Jennifer Semiday

Jennifer Semidey

School Success Manager

Jennifer joined ThinkCERCA after more than a decade in New York City and London schools where she worked to support student growth as a teacher, instructional coach, and staff professional development lead.

She completed her master’s degree in Education while serving in the New York City Teaching Fellows Program and holds a second master’s degree in Social Policy Analysis from the London School of Economics. Jennifer is passionate about maximizing student performance by supporting well-trained and thoughtful educators. She holds content area expertise in English and History and has taught and designed staff development and instructional content for Common Core, UK National, GCSE, and IB curricula.

Who would play you in a movie? Lily Tomlin.

What is your favorite sandwich? A sandwich with crispy eggplant dripping with sauces and pickles.

What was your best Halloween Costume? Donatella Versace! Spray tan and blonde wig. Total Miami style.