Kavita Venkatesh, Ph.D.

Executive Director of School Innovation

A former special education and English teacher, school administrator, and district leader for Boston Public Schools, Kavita is an expert on teacher training, Universal Design for Learning, and bilingual language learners. In addition to her work at ThinkCERCA, Kavita is a Cadre member at the Center for Applied Special Technology, where she teaches courses on UDL and provides training to districts and universities across the U.S.

What is Your Favorite Place to Travel? A tiny little town in the south of France that nobody has ever heard of!

Who was Your Favorite Teacher? I have two! Naomi Horchack-Morris, my high school chemistry teacher, and Dr. Mariela Paez, my professor and advisor from my doctoral program. Both know their content exceptionally well, they know pedagogy well, and they love what they do.

What is Your Ideal Sandwich?┬áHot dog bun, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, pepperjack cheese, potato chips. I’m a vegetarian who grew up going to a lot of barbecues!