Kristie Brown

Kristie Brown

Regional Partnerships Director

Kristie grew up in a household of educators and believes strongly in the power that teachers have to pivot the lives of his/her students. Kristie started her career in Fulton County Schools as a high school teacher for science and gifted students where she became a proponent of technology and innovative teaching strategies. After eight years of teaching, she took a position with LEGO Education as a sales consultant and manager where she spent 13 years promoting innovative learning through STEM, creativity and hands-on materials.

Kristie is excited to be a part of the ThinkCERCA team where she can continue to impact classroom instruction with innovative resources!

Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Groover, my High School Biology teacher. She was Groovy Groover!

What’s your favorite holiday?

What was your first car? A 1967 Camaro SS. Red on Black. I restored it with my dad.