Laura Litton

Partnerships Enablement Manager

Laura has always found education to be enlightening, both as a student and as a teacher. Prior to joining the ThinkCERCA team, she served Chicago Public Schools in a variety of roles, from middle school teacher to instructional coach to resident principal. She eventually joined the EdTech world as the Director of Teacher Happiness for Classkick. Laura’s true passion lies in coaching teachers and seeing the power of inspiring a love of literacy in students of all ages.


Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Ponicki, my 4th-grade teacher, truly pushed me to read books I would never have considered opening. She poured her heart and soul into our small class of know-it-alls and always treasured students’ authentic responses to literature. Mrs. Ponicki was the only teacher I ever had who created peer tutors in the classroom and I credit her wisdom, patience, and encouragement for my own interest in becoming an educator.

What is your favorite piece of technology today? My cell phone (with Internet access) allows me to set goals, track my progress, and celebrate my achievements in almost every facet of life. I use my phone to wake up in the morning, listen to music, take pictures of my kittens, check the weather, track my bike ride, check my email, share a quick story with my goddaughter, and the list goes on and on.

Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best and why?  If I’m allowed to borrow traits from two dwarfs, I believe I am most like Doc and Happy. Doc for his leadership (a habit naturally formed from being the oldest child) and Happy for his sunny disposition.