Manu Phatak

Software Engineer

Manu is a self-taught developer who works on the Tech team at ThinkCERCA. He earned BBAs in Management Information Systems and Finance at Temple University and took every opportunity to tutor, teach, and mentor his peers along the way.

After college, Manu joined the Program Management department at J.P. Morgan, but began programming and committing open source work as a hobby. From his perspective, learning is an iterative process best paired with teaching and doing. Manu’s passion for coding led him to joining ThinkCERCA, where he works on a team with a clear mission and proximity to end users.


What is your current background on your computer/phone?

This. Because it’s super beautiful. And so far spawned multiple interesting conversations.

Which condiment is the best condiment?

There’s only one right answer.  Mustard.

What is your favorite quote?

“Tomato, tomoto.”