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ThinkCERCA's Professional Development for District and School Leaders

Training and support provided for administrators, by administrators


ThinkCERCA’s professional development offerings support district leaders in implementing a proven schoolwide literacy framework across entire school systems. We provide training for administrators with the option to have schools adopt our personalized literacy platform or work with our proven framework offline. Districts with schools that purchase the ThinkCERCA platform can leverage on-site and online professional development packages for teachers and school leaders. 

Effective PD for District Leaders, Principals, and Site-based Instructional Leaders

Literacy Across All Content Areas

Writing is a strategy for improving learning, not just proving learning. Learn the science behind how writing improves reading and math scores from nationally recognized experts who have successfully implemented these practices. Through a one-day administrator institute, we offer school leaders a simple set of tools and strategies for creating buy-in, implementing writing instruction schoolwide, and developing transformational practices around student writing.

Framework for Rapid School Improvement

Administrators are looking for ways to make dramatic improvement at a rapid pace while recognizing that educators have very full plates and initiative fatigue. Through our tested Growth Framework and training in design thinking, we help districts implement a common vocabulary and process for quickly improving the conditions needed for school success.

Scalable Approach to Personalized Literacy

Everyone deserves a chance to develop the skills needed for life-long success. We help administrators transform entire districts, not just classrooms, through personalized literacy trainings and a proven software that engages all learners in the Four Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Controlled studies show ThinkCERCA has had an enormous impact on student outcomes, helping students achieve two years of growth per year on average.

1:1 Personalized Virtual Options

Our professional development engages school and district leaders in multiple levels of thinking including deep-diving into content and topics and a high level of reflection about those practices. Sessions are sustained over the course of the school year, developed and aligned to school and district goals. In 1:1 personalized opportunities, we discuss how to collaborate with other people in your district to own the work, and build your expectations, protocols, and structures for supporting learning.

"The professional development helped us get teachers together from different schools in our area and collaborate on common goals. Kavita and Jeff aligned to our district initiatives and brought forth conversations around best practices, student engagement, center-based learning, and overall instructional practices."

– Nicole Lambson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Farmington Municipal Schools

We Partner with Administrators to Support Teachers and Students

Reading Growth

State Assessment Preparation

Differentiated Instruction

Cross-curricular Writing

Critical Thinking

Blended Learning

How We Can Help

Actionable implementation plans to support schools and districts

One-on-one meetings to empower teachers as instructional leaders

Growth-driven data analytics applied to individual school or district needs

Hands-on school redesign to improve student outcomes at scale

How We Do It

Virtual Resource Library

Virtual Trainings

Onsite Workshops

Onsite Coaching

PD Facilitated by Educators with Years of Experience

The ThinkCERCA Success Team is dedicated to ensuring effective implementations of our research-based platform across all school models. Composed of former educators that include NBCTs, district administrators, former ThinkCERCA users, and nationally recognized PD providers, our School Success Team provides a touchpoint for ideas, feedback or concerns, as well as continuous support.

Our Team

"No other company provides the support that this program does. In my 15 years in being here, I’ve never see a company offer this type of multi-year support. We are so lucky to have Laura and Steve helping us."

– Brian Butera, Fayette County School System Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability

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