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ThinkCERCA for Chicago Educators

Help your students achieve 2 years of reading growth with ThinkCERCA’s personalized literacy platform for ELA, social studies, science, and math.

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What We Provide

Standards-Aligned Curriculum

Access a comprehensive curriculum aligned to Illinois Learning Standards.

Designed by master teachers and literacy experts, our curriculum is built upon proven methods for developing students’ literacy and language skills. Our lessons include a range of close reading, academic writing, direct instruction, and additional skills practice lessons that meet the demands of Illinois Learning Standards.

Strong Partnerships

Count on a platform born and bred in Chicago classrooms

Our founder, Eileen Murphy, taught English for 15 years in Chicago Public Schools before leaving to start ThinkCERCA. Since the early days, we’ve partnered with Chicago schools to help students build the critical thinking skills they need to be successful in life after school. You can count on our Chicago-based team and partnership network to support your school’s literacy initiative.

Rigorous Instruction

Build up strong writers, thinkers, and speakers.

At schools like Nettlehorst, Dawes, and Funston, teachers use our lessons to walk students through the process of analyzing texts to construct cohesive academic writings. The rigorous instruction we help teachers deliver has been recognized across the state; the Illinois Association of Teachers of English named ThinkCERCA a 2019 “Classroom Essential” for secondary grades.

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Why ThinkCERCA?

We're here to help Chicago educators spark courageous thinking inside their classrooms. With ThinkCERCA, students develop the high-level literacy skills needed for 21st-century success.


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Discover how our personalized literacy platform teaches students how to read, write, and think critically while also saving teachers valuable classroom and prep time.



See how Barbara Wade, a CPS teacher, uses ThinkCERCA to empower her students with choice and voice.

Curriculum & Platform Features

Rigorous curriculum and easy-to-use tools for powering the best critical thinking instruction.


Curriculum library aligned to Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core


Benchmark assessments and robust data to track performance


Named the 2019 "Classroom Essential" for secondary schools by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English


Differentiation tools 
for auto-assigning lessons and skills exercises


Leveled texts and multimedia with content-specific vocabulary for grades 3-12


Built-in features to support ELL students

"ThinkCERCA allowed our staff to focus on building the skills that were necessary for all levels of our learners. The framework, tools and curriculum made sure we were allocating resources in the most efficient way—spending less time creating lessons that might work versus spending more time personalizing feedback that students need for growth."

William Hook

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Chicago, IL

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