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ThinkCERCA for Texas Educators

Help your students achieve 2 years of reading growth with ThinkCERCA’s core curriculum for English language arts and reading.

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What We Provide

Standards-Aligned Curriculum

Count on a comprehensive, TEKS-aligned curriculum.

Designed by NCTE teachers and nationally recognized literacy experts, ThinkCERCA is built upon proven methods for developing students’ language and literacy skills. Our ELA curriculum is designed to build knowledge in a meaningful continuum and meets 100% TEKS requirements with newly added lessons.

Key Skills & Concepts

Teach foundational language and literacy skills.

Through direct instruction and self-guided lessons, students are introduced to and practice the underlying skills needed to master literacy. These lessons cover key concepts and vocabulary related to oral language, reading comprehension, organizational structures, argumentation, and more.

Rigorous Instruction

Build up strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

Our lessons — centered around engaging topics like personal identity, family and relationships, and catalysts for change — walk students through the process of analyzing content-rich texts and multimedia to construct cohesive argumentative, informational, or narrative writings.

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Why ThinkCERCA?

We're here to help Texas educators spark courageous thinking inside their classrooms. With ThinkCERCA, students develop the high-level literacy skills needed for 21st-century success.


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Discover how our personalized literacy platform teaches students how to read, write, and think critically while also saving teachers valuable classroom and prep time.


Research and Results

ThinkCERCA is built upon an ever-growing body of research that confirms reading, writing, and argumentation help students become college- and career-ready.

Curriculum & Platform Features

Rigorous curriculum and easy-to-use tools for powering the best critical thinking instruction.


Curriculum library that meets 100% TEKS requirements


Leveled texts and multimedia for grades 3-12


Argumentative, informational, 
and narrative essay writing


Built-in differentiation tools 
for auto-assigning lessons


ELD resources and supports


Highlighting, annotating, 
and audio supports

"ThinkCERCA has been a great partner for the Galena Park Independent School District. We were looking for a solution to help us enhance our preparations for college and career readiness levels of reading and writing, while also aligning with the rigorous TEKS standards. Not only has ThinkCERCA supported us in professional learning, it meets the needs of our diverse students. Our teachers love how engaging the platform is for learners and how easy it is to use."

Jason Bollich
Senior Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction

Galena Park ISD
Houston, TX

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