The ThinkCERCA Impact

Don’t just take our word for it. See what educators who partner with ThinkCERCA have to say.

"I know some people struggle with technology, but ThinkCERCA is so clear and straight forward. ThinkCERCA is broken down in a very clear, student-friendly way so that it's easy for students to follow and succeed in acquiring the skill they are working on."

Udy Tropp, Teacher, P.S. 238 Anne Sullivan School, New York, NY

"ThinkCERCA is the first program I’ve used that meaningfully integrates technology into a literacy classroom. My classroom’s focus is around reading and writing, and ThinkCERCA allows me to purposefully differentiate and scaffold articles and ideas for individual student needs while maintaining a uniform conversation at the class-wide level about a topic or skill."

Cera-Jann Joseph-Guevara, Teacher, Middle School 88, Brooklyn, NY

ThinkCERCA "helps us to differentiate for students in the classroom on their [readiness] level, but still be working on the same standard. That’s pretty rich. I strongly feel that if we do well with our literacy skills, all our content performance will increase."

Dr. Joseph C. Barrow, Superintendent, Fayette County Public Schools, Fayetteville, GA

"We've seen a huge increase in our writing."

Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, NM


"I especially like the rigorous content and questions. My students love ThinkCERCA! There is an audible "Yeah!" when I ask them to log on."

Stephanie Lanoue, 6th Grade teacher, Quashnet Elementary School

"No other company provides the support that this program does. In my 15 years in being here, I’ve never see a company offer this type of multi-year support. We are so lucky to have Laura and Steve helping us."

Brian Butera, Fayette County School System Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability

"ThinkCERCA has very helpful questions to go along with the articles. I appreciate the challenging nature of the questions that clearly reflect a knowledge of Common Core."

Lydia Gillespie, English teacher, Fred T. Foard High School

From writing to debate, hear directly from students on how we help them grow.


"My students do not fuss about doing [ThinkCERCA] and consistently ask when they can do more. Doing ThinkCERCA prepares my students for state testing, no matter what the test may be. After convincing my grade level partners to try ThinkCERCA with their class, I constantly get praises for introducing them to ThinkCERCA. They also have commented about how all their questions that I cannot answer are responded to with little wait time through the online comment [support] section on the screen. Thank you, ThinkCERCA, for being such an inspiring and easy resource to share."

Sarah Guy, 3rd Grade Teacher, A. Russell Knight Elementary School

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