Professional Development with ThinkCERCA

Trainings and support provided for educators, by educators


ThinkCERCA’s professional development offerings help educators implement personalized literacy and blended learning programs more effectively in the classroom. We provide partner districts and schools with the opportunity to purchase customized PD packages that include in-person support, one-on-one coaching, virtual resources, and more.


PD for Teachers and Administrators

Virtual Resources

All schools using ThinkCERCA have access to a robust catalogue of virtual training and resources to support implementation of ThinkCERCA. Many of these resources are self-serve, such as our on-demand webinars, allowing educators to access resources and instructional tools on their own timeline.


ThinkCERCA’s onboarding is led by a member of the School Success team, in hands-on, interactive sessions. Beyond onboarding, schools have the opportunity to add on additional professional development tailored to their needs as they continue implementation of ThinkCERCA.

Customized Professional Learning

ThinkCERCA is your partner in identifying needs and facilitating various professional learning experiences in your school. Whether you are updating your curriculum maps, implementing a new technology schedule, or overhauling your assessment and data processes, our team can support your work.

"The professional development helped us get teachers together from different schools in our area and collaborate on common goals. Kavita and Jeff aligned to our district initiatives and brought forth conversations around best practices, student engagement, center-based learning, and overall instructional practices."

– Nicole Lambson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Farmington Municipal Schools

Where We Provide Support

Reading Growth

State Assessment Preparation

Differentiated Instruction

Cross-curricular Writing

Critical Thinking

Blended Learning

How We Can Help

Actionable implementation plans to support schools and districts

One-on-one meetings to empower teachers as instructional leaders

Growth-driven data analytics applied to individual school or district needs

Hands-on school redesign to improve student outcomes at scale

How We Do It

Virtual Resource Library

Virtual Trainings

Onsite Workshops

Onsite Coaching

PD Facilitated by Educators with Years of Experience

The ThinkCERCA Success Team is dedicated to ensuring effective implementations of our research-based platform across all school models. Composed of former educators that include NBCTs, district administrators, former ThinkCERCA users, and nationally recognized PD providers, our School Success Team provides a touchpoint for ideas, feedback or concerns, as well as continuous support.

Our Team

Dani Siegel

Director of Success

Steve Glaeser

Regional Director of Success

Amy Jackson

Regional Director of Success

Kim Foley

School Success Manager

Lynette Johnson

School Success Manager

Mona Kiani, Ed.D.

Senior School Success Manager

Jessica Kornblatt

School Success Manager

Cindy Matte

School Success Manager

Sherelle Minter

School Success Manager

Kristin Ptolemy

School Success Manager

Lauren Ross

Success Analyst

"No other company provides the support that this program does. In my 15 years in being here, I’ve never see a company offer this type of multi-year support. We are so lucky to have Laura and Steve helping us."

– Brian Butera, Fayette County School System Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability

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