Ms. Murphy’s class worked on a ThinkCERCA applied lesson to help students answer the question: “What type of learner are you?” The class started with a paper-based bell ringer to activate prior knowledge before being assigned a personalized reading text in ThinkCERCA. Using evidence from the text, each student made claims about their own learning styles and discussed them with fellow students in small groups. Next, the class revisited the text to find more evidence to support their claims. Lastly, students wrote down their evidence in an exit ticket, which Ms. Murphy graded as a summative assessment.

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Key Takeaways

  • Personalizing lessons with ThinkCERCA kept students engaged. They were amazingly independent, especially for sixth graders.
  • Truly personalized learning was clearly part of Ms. Murphy’s classroom culture. For example, during the last 11 minutes, 36 diverse learners stayed on task, which included working on a variety of mini-lessons, revisions, and initial drafts.
  • While using ThinkCERCA as a guide, Ms. Murphy was able to integrate her own best practices and strategies into the lessons (i.e. graphic organizers for notes, speaking and listening, wait time for students to think critically).
  • Ms. Murphy previewed ThinkCERCA’s curated lessons but used her professional judgment and personal knowledge of each students to ensure complete alignment with student needs and standards.

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