Teach critical thinking through argumentative writing.

See How it Works

How It Works

Collaborate with a shared literacy platform.

Enable school leaders and teachers with CERCA, a research-based approach for teaching argumentative writing across subjects.

Engage students with personalized lessons.

Spark collaborative discussions and debates in every classroom with ThinkCERCA’s differentiated, self-paced lessons.

Track real-time reading and writing progress.

Monitor growth on 21st century literacy skills with data that’s accessible to everyone, from instructional leaders and teachers to students and families.

CERCA is proven to impact student outcomes.

Boost test scores quickly.

We designed ThinkCERCA to inspire students of all readiness levels to improve their performance on standardized assessments and excel out in the world.

Close the achievement gap.

Controlled studies show that ThinkCERCA helped students gain an extra year's worth of academic growth, on average, in a single school year.

Improve teacher effectiveness.

ThinkCERCA’s high-quality curriculum moves classrooms beyond rote practice by focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

"100 percent of students are 100 percent engaged 100 percent of the time." Peter Russo, Assistant Principal, Middle School 88, Brooklyn

"For students, ThinkCERCA was transformational. They made tremendous growth as readers, writers, and speakers." Lindsey Harrison, KIPP Ascend Middle School, Chicago

Students build knowledge about the world and themselves by reading and writing about great texts across disciplines.

English Language Arts

Student Preview

Social Studies

Student Preview

Teachers spend time where it matters most.

Personalize lessons in minutes.

Save after-school hours previously dedicated to creating and differentiating lessons and assessments from scratch.

Automate time-consuming chores.

Grade faster, digitally, and reclaim class time formerly squandered printing, passing out, and collecting assignments.

Monitor performance in real time.

Preserve feedback previously lost to paper, and assess and measure growth without ever having to collect or input data.

Transform your district.

"ThinkCERCA helps teachers and students collaborate through every part of the [writing] process."

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Administrator Guide

Personalizing Literacy Through Blended Learning

Explore what blended learning is and how your district can fully use it to improve student achievement.

View this guide and learn more:

  • How to best use technology to aid instruction
  • How to support teachers with new teaching styles
  • How to develop and execute a clear rollout plan