Proven to help students achieve two years of growth on average.

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Assign a lesson.

Support 10 levels of readiness with scaffolded, standards-aligned lessons for English language arts, science, social studies, and math.

Support each student.

Build stronger relationships with students by providing one-on-one, shoulder-to-shoulder guidance.

Watch them grow.

Accelerate student growth by having students write across the curriculum three to five times a month.

CERCA is proven by research.

Boost test scores quickly.

We designed ThinkCERCA to inspire students of all readiness levels to improve their performance on standardized assessments and excel out in the world.

Close the achievement gap.

Teaching with ThinkCERCA is proven by controlled studies to help students gain as much as an extra year of literacy growth in a single school year.

Prepare students for life.

ThinkCERCA gives life to decades of research that shows reading and writing across subjects helps students achieve career- and college-readiness.

"100 percent of students are 100 percent engaged 100 percent of the time." Peter Russo, Assistant Principal, Middle School 88, Brooklyn

"For students, ThinkCERCA was transformational. They made tremendous growth as readers, writers, and speakers." Lindsey Harrison, KIPP Ascend Middle School, Chicago

Integrate literacy skill development into any subject.

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Spend time where it matters most.

Personalize lessons in minutes.

Save after-school hours previously dedicated to creating and differentiating lessons and assessments from scratch.

Automate time-consuming chores.

Grade faster, digitally, and reclaim class time formerly squandered printing, passing out, and collecting assignments.

Monitor performance in real time.

Preserve feedback previously lost to paper, and assess and measure growth without ever having to collect or input data.

Empower every student.

"ThinkCERCA helps teachers and students collaborate through every part of the [writing] process."

Bill Gates, Microsoft